Welcome to Happy Finish’s first ‘Best of the Tests’ feature! This new monthly feature has been created to celebrate some of the exciting and innovative collaborations and test images that our fantastic represented artists work on.

Alongside our standard jobs, these collaborations really allow our artists to flex their creative muscles and work with new partners to bring a concept to life!

Our first feature is a collaboration between photographer Arthur Woodcroft and Happy Finish retouch artist Mihaela Calin.

These images are part of Arthur’s ongoing series, ‘Flower Creatures’, created with Set Designer William Farr. The project playfully brings plants to life in a new way – by transforming them into fully fledged creatures – each with the own unique design and charm.

Mihaela worked on cleaning up the images enhancing light and contours while making sure that the colours had a vibrancy to match the character of each Flower Creature.

Speaking on the project, Mihaela said, “Arthur is a really experienced and amazing photographer, so the post production stage went smoothly as he shot everything we needed, such as background options and focus plates. It’s always a pleasure to work with Arthur because the feedback process is straightforward, he knows what he wants but at the same time is also open to try out my suggestions.”

“We loved his idea for this project – I have never seen this before in the image making industry and it was inspiring to see his initial set of images. Working on this was like a fresh breath of air!”

We’re always on the look out for new creative collaborations to sink our teeth into, so if you’d like to be considered for a future “Best of the Tests” and have your very own feature on our website, send an email to studio@happyfinish.com or get in touch on the button below!



Photographer: Arthur Woodcroft

Producers: Frances Hood

Retouch Artist: Mihaela Calin