CES Happy Finish


The team are back safe and sound from CES with lots of stories to tell and the latest tech news to bring us. Here are the top picks from Jerome, Diego and James, fresh from the conference:

Jerome’s top 3 XR finds:

Mantis Vision

“This was incredible – I was able to get a 3D volumetric representation of myself in real-time in 5 seconds. It’s amazing to see how quickly volumetric capture is progressing. Up until now we have been limited by processing power and the sheer extent of data that needs crunching, but this looks set to change things.”


“A new MR headset has entered the mix. Nreal seems to be a more affordable and accessible version of Magic Leap. It’s portable and works well outside, offering great potential for use in the sports industry as well as many others. It’s also lightweight and comfortable but more importantly, it looks the part. Will it go the distance in the XR headset market? Let’s wait and see.”





“Quick shoutout to the Realmax headset – although the quality might not be there yet and its not as sexy as some of the other headsets we tried, it has an astonishing 100.8 degree field of view and is multiplayer. All of this really gives you a sense of immersion that you can share with others. It also has the potential to be a one-stop XR headset that enables you to switch between AR and VR.”




Diego’s top 3 finds:


“Really cool to see IBM’s quantum computer in person. Definitely looking forward to seeing it in action in the not so distant future and to see how it revolutionises processing. Maybe we should start building our own so we can test out some quantum machine learning algorithms…”





“Omron’s AI ping pong robot needs a shoutout just because it was so cool and beat everyone we saw play against it (including me). Don’t write off AI robots just yet.”


“HYPERVSN were showcasing their spinning 3D displays which project holograms into mid air using specialist fan technology. Now although this isn’t new tech (Richard Branson backed this initially in 2012) it looks pretty impressive. Could this be the future of above-the-line advertising?”

James’ top 3 finds:

Tobii Eye Tracking

“We know Tobii from their work developing solutions for eye tracking on websites. It’s great to see them move into the VR arena. Could potentially be a gamechanger for advertisers – being able to track eye gaze for analytics will allow us to really quantify ROI in VR.”

FaceMe by Cyberlink

“FaceMe is a camera that can tell someone’s age and gender – and it’s pretty accurate. This has huge potential for advertisers – being able to change an in-store experience to match the demographics of the consumer is extremely powerful.”  


VIVE Pro Eye

“This got me really excited for the future of VR and advertising. It utilises Tobii Eye Tracking technology and allows you to naturally select things with your eyes – it worked really solidly and made the whole VR experience more immersive. It’s exciting for us and our clients to be able to see what a particular consumer is looking at in VR.”


So there we have it, CES 2019 over and out. Now back in the office, the team are full of inspiration and ideas about how we can apply all this future tech into creating a new age of experiences for our clients and partners.