You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about Artificial Intelligence.

It’s one of the biggest trends in technology at the moment, and that’s because AI is experiencing some huge leaps forward. From self-driving cars, to learning chatbots and AI musicians, the creative applications of artificial intelligence are growing everyday. As this technology develops further, now is the time for Marketing and Advertising to embrace AI as a creative tool.

But what are these advancements in AI, and how can this technology be applied to the marketing world?

We have released this video, in which Happy Finish CEO & Co-Founder Stuart Waplington will introduce you to the concept of deep learning, the different levels of artificial intelligence, and showcase some successful (and not so successful!) applications of creative AI in action, including our own Shoegazer Proof of Concept.

AI has the potential to provide a huge ROI for creative advertising & marketing, with uses including:

  • Innovating creative processes and aiding workflows

  • Adding personality and personalisation to marketing campaigns

  • Gathering data to gain market insights and spot emerging market trends


At Happy Finish, we pride ourselves on our expertise in cutting-edge creative technologies, and we strive to push the boundaries of our services and capabilities to create new immersive and interactive experiences. If you have any questions or thoughts about how your brand could use AI, contact us today!