We’ve made our own Photogrammetry AR app… introducing Opus!

opus photogrammetry ar arcore

After playing around in R&D sessions over the last couple of weeks in the HF office, we’re proud to announce the launch of our latest app, Opus.

Opus is an AR app that allows you to experiment with cutting-edge real-time photogrammetry to create amazing 3D models using only your phone – you can scan your surroundings, belongings and friends to turn them into abstract, mosaic-style models.

It’s super easy to use – you simply tap and hold to scan the surface of your object, then release to see your photogrammetry masterpiece.

You can then save your mosaic-style model and have fun placing it in the real world using the AR feature of the app, or once you’ve given your friends a Picasso-esque makeover you can take photos and share on social media.  Plus if you want to continue experimenting with 3D editing, you can also upload your model directly to Maya, Unity and Blender – Opus is fully compatible with all of these.

Opus 6 Opus 6 Opus 5

We were excited to experiment with the new features ARCore 1.0, especially with its improved environmental understanding. Our developer Seb Kedra explains, “ARCore is particularly good at recognising aesthetic aspects of surroundings – meaning it was the perfect platform to build Opus, which picks up on a whole range of different textures and surfaces. When using the app, try scanning something with crazy colours, patterns and textures to get the best results – the more contrast the better!”

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the name Opus comes from the Latin word for ‘work’ refering to the way mosaic tiles are cut and placed. We thought it had a nice ring to it!

Want to try it out? Download Opus on the Play Store:


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