We’ve recently been delving into the potential of parallax animations and cinemagraphs as a dynamic alternative to traditional stills retouching. If you’ve got a parallax project you’d like to collaborate on get in touch, or read on to find out what all the fuss is about…

How’s it done?

Parallax animations and cinemagraphs are a really cool way to inject an element of motion into stills. With parallax editing, we separate parts of a still image and layer them to create a multi-dimensional illusion. Cinemagraphs allow us to add a looped animation over the top of a still image to create movement and interest.  And by combining the two, we can create animated posters by layering retouched photography and animating a camera track through and around the space, creating an amazing level of depth and fluidity.

What’s all the excitement about?

The magic lies in the fact that these techniques breathe a new lease of life into still images, allowing them to be repurposed. The assets created work perfectly across all digital and online channels, across social media, TV and also on physical spaces such as major billboards at stations, shopping centres and event venues.

Bringing a still to life like this creates a living image – similar to if it was moving video content or created using a VFX process, but far more cost effective due to an efficient post-production process and more importantly the fact that no expensive motion shoot is required. The process is subtle, but effective in engaging interest.

But it’s not just the cost that could swing the balance between motion or animated posters – unlike with video content, you don’t need to worry about resolution. Plus, all our animated posters go through the full retouch process first, so the quality and detail is of the highest Happy Finish standard.

Here are some of our recent favourites to give you a taste of what’s possible:

Day of the Dead Campaign

Just in time for the annual ‘Day of the Dead’, Jose Cuervo released a campaign that celebrated Mexico’s biggest holiday and, of course, their greatest and oldest export – tequila!

Our retouch artist Nick Nedeljkovic and collaborated with photographer Dirk Rees to produce these edgy cinemagraphs, bringing the images to life with movement and colour.

Cinematic Parallax project

This sumptuous parallax by Chris Roome and shot by Roland Lane features the beautiful former Miss Universe Great Britain, Amy Willerton.

The parallax edit adds another dimension to the project, creating an element of luxury and mystery to tie in with the glamourous Hollywood movie feel of the shots.

Rooftop Parallax project

This vertigo-inducing parallax project by Chris Roome, shot by Jon Compson, draws attention to the athletic subjects and accentuates the city skylines and dizzying height of the scene.

We’ve fully embraced this new medium as part of our latest offering to clients and would love to get involved with any projects you think would benefit from a solution that blurs the line between stills and motion.

Let us know if you have something in mind!



Main image – Harrods Cinemagraph

Client: Harrods Man

Photographer: Diego Merino

Retouch and Cinemagraph: Nick Nedeljkovic