Alexis Goodwin has returned to the Happy Finish London office to rejoin our UK-based network of represented artists! Alex has spent the past 4 years in Shanghai, initially moving to help launch Happy Finish’s China office, and then leading the Shanghai team of in-house retouchers as Creative Director.

Retouch artist Alexis Goodwin

During his time as Creative Director, Alex has worked on some really exciting advertising campaigns with clients such as Coca Cola, Audi, Huawei and Nike, using his creative flair and unique, illustrative style to help clients realise challenging and original briefs. We asked Alex to pick some of his favourite projects that he has worked on, and here is his selection of 5 top images!

3 Ireland illustration and retouch

This campaign, called ‘Loneliest whale’, was made for 3 Ireland. It tells the story of a mysterious whale who sings at a different frequency to any other ever recorded. The sound wave seascape and elements were created using assets generated in Flame Painter and carefully combined and enhanced in Photoshop.

Tongyi iced tea CGI and retouch

To launch Tongyi’s peach flavoured iced tea we designed these cute characters in CG and retouched them together, with both purpose shot elements and stock photography. Each little guy had his own personality; but Alex’s favourite is the one on the right with blushing cheeks.

Digicel Bring the Beat retouch

This campaign for Digicel featuring famous athlete Usain Bolt combined elements of sport and music with the slogan “bring the beat”. The vivid red colour powder was added entirely in post to give reference to the beat of music and Usain’s powerful energy.

Audi retouch

In this advert created for Audi, you can see the reflection of the aspirational owner as he sits inside a cafe and looks longingly through the glass at the cool car outside. This was a much loved piece of work for Alex because of the challenging process of putting together two very different compositions.

Perrier retouch

These refreshing bubbles created for Perrier were rendered in CG, and the splash was composed in retouch to get the perfect dynamic explosion! The talent was shot whilst jumping on a trampoline to get a feeling of weightlessness. You can see more images from this Perrier campaign here.

Speaking of his return to London, Alex said, ‘I had such a fantastic time working in the Happy Finish Shanghai office and seeing it grow from scratch into the creative production house that it is today. It’s been really fulfilling helping lead our team of retouchers to achieve the best of their skills, and having the opportunity to work with world-class brands, really making a name for Happy Finish in China, and of course eating lots of dim sum!

‘I am excited to be back in London though; this is where my journey with Happy Finish started and I am ready to get stuck back into my own work, push and explore my own styles and skills, and to get hands-on with some exciting projects. I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with old clients and collaborating with new ones!’

See Alex's full portfolio here

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