In the spirit of Halloween, Happy Finish senior CGI artist Simon Allan and senior retoucher Rainer Usselmann created this chilling ice cream skull to wish you an evening of more treats than tricks!

To make this piece, Simon “skullptured” […sorry, couldn’t resist] the CG ice cream base using Zbrush, then added additional texture and lighting elements with 3ds Max and V-Ray. Once rendered, Simon passed along the CG model to Rainer who masterfully retouched the final finishes to this frightfully delicious skull.


This spooky treat is yet another example of the endless creative possibilities that can be achieved when combining refined CGI with skillful retouching techniques. For more excellent CGI and retouch work, be sure to check out the impressive portfolios of Simon and Rainer.

If you enjoyed this eerie Halloween CGI retouch piece then you might also like this comic book inspired zombie series from Happy Finish retouch artist Vahakn Vorperian. Who said zombie art had to be so dark and moody?

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CG Artist: Simon Allan
Retouch Artist: Rainer Usselmann