We love experimenting with the possibilities of AR here at Happy Finish, and we’re quite a competitive bunch. So what better way to spend our spare time than creating our own Augmented Reality multiplayer game where we can battle it out against each other on a table-top war field…..introducing Table wAR!

Table wAR is an AR app now available to download from iTunes (Android coming soon!) that allows up to two players to compete on an augmented war field complete with helicopters, soldiers, army bases and explosions.  The great thing about it is that it can be pinned to and played on any surface – meaning unlimited possibilities for on-the-go battles.  Using your virtual apache helicopter, the aim is to shoot down your opponent before they get you.

The uniqueness and excitement of Table wAR lies in its multiplayer capabilities – it was important for us to create a game that allows players on opposite sides of the table to get involved in using separate devices. There’s also the option for single player mode, but we reckon it’s always more fun to get your friends and colleagues involved so you can really show off your (augmented) military prowess!

Here’s two of our developers, Diego and Alessandra, ‘testing’ the game in the office – working hard or hardly working springs to mind…

We had loads of fun making Table wAR and playing against each other in the office, so why not download the app, turn your desk into a battle zone and add a bit of competitive excitement to your afternoon?  

 Table wAR is available to download on the App Store for iOS devices.    

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