Oral-B Bathroom of the Future



Happy Finish collaborated with agency MSL to create an immersive, tech-driven exhibition stand for Oral-B, helping to position them as leading innovators at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A stripped back teaser version of the experience was also revealed at CES in Las Vegas for P&G’s inaugural exhibition.

Pre-eminent oral health brand Oral-B utilised our creative technology consultancy skill-set to develop a future-forward visualisation of a bathroom of the future, complete with interactivity and immersive technology. As the creative and technical development partners, there were three key phases to our involvement in the project:

  • Discovery (R&D & Ideation)
  • Design and Development
  • Deployment
  1. Discovery and Ideation

First off, we spent several months analysing future trends within the healthcare industry. From current advancements defining the way we engage with data to patent-pending technology that could help shape the evolution of our healthcare experience, we were able to delve into what the future could look like and the types of technology we could leverage to enhance our everyday lives.

As a result, we were able to enter the design phase with as much detail as possible to inform our thinking with practical insights and a proposition that could become a reality in the next 5-10 years. In order to create a realistic concept for what the future household might look like, we deconstructed the way we currently use a bathroom, focusing on how people interact with design, layout and - most importantly - their health metrics data. 

We also used this phase to discover how we could harness our extensive knowledge of future technologies and artificial intelligence to improve the bathroom of the future for Oral-B - we wanted to develop an experiential event activation that integrates AI seamlessly into everyday life, simplifying and enhancing the experience rather than adding yet another step into users' busy lives.

Oral B Creative Stages

The results were the creation of a concept device and an AI bathroom mirror for Oral-B.  Visitors could use the concept device to take a swab of their saliva before brushing each day.  The genetic markers in the saliva are instantly uploaded to the mirror, which combines them with metrics from the user’s phone such as GPS, dietary and social media data.  We used AI to compare all given user metrics to make some smart analysis about the user’s health. For example, by looking at the levels of cortisol in saliva (the fight or flight hormone), we could measure stress levels in the user over time.  If stress levels have been steadily rising over the past 2 weeks, this may correlate to more time spent at work over the same period, which we can validate through the phone GPS data.  

A large number of early indicators of health problems present themselves first in the mouth.  By using AI to make bespoke dietary and healthy habit recommendations, the smart mirror becomes a preventive tool for health problems throughout the body.

Oral B User Journey
  1. Design and Development

Design Phase

After further evolving the UX by mapping out the customer journey, we moved onto the next phase to focus on the user interface design. Through analysing all the different ways that people act and interact when using the bathroom, we created an appropriate interface design that would stand out at one of the world’s biggest technology conferences.  

We created a unique interactive smart mirror, powered by immersive technology. Users are able to interact with the mirror using gesture control rather than touch control for a truly future-forward (and hygenic) experience. The smart mirror tracks your upper body, with the ability to overlay a CG representation of the workings of your internal organs and highlighting any health issues. The mapped graphics move as the user moves, allowing for a totally realistic and bespoke experience.

We worked closely with our fabricators to build a custom bathroom wall for the interactive screen activation, positioned at the Oral-B stand at MWC. We also developed a smaller, more portable version for Oral-B to take to CES in Las Vegas as a teaser for the big reveal.

We designed a sample device of the future that could be used as a daily monitoring system to provide real-time insights on the user's current health conditions. This device was a proof of concept and alluded to the sort of technology that we could be using in our bathrooms within the next twenty years. The POC device can sync to any connected bathroom or smart mirror, turning it into your own personal medical centre wherever you are.

CGI projection mapping was then laid over the bathroom wall and cabinets, extending the smart mirror graphics on the physical space of the stand in order to pull all the elements together and continue the theme of futurism.

Development Phase

Once the design had been finalised, we tasked our technical development team with bringing the experience to life. Using cutting-edge body-tracking technology, a high-quality screen and cameras, we conducted tests to help us understand how a person usually acts in front of a mirror, catching any common interactions. The setup integrated real-time depth tracking as well as a custom AI algorithm to ensure we were getting super accurate results.

Oral B Fabrication
  1. Deployment

Once testing was complete, we travelled to Barcelona to manage the installation at MWC, providing technical support throughout the exhibition and taking all visitors through the experience during the event in a brand ambassador capacity. Feedback from visitors was overwhelmingly positive, and we were delighted at the end of the conference when Oral-B was awarded best in show. 

Over 850 visitors experienced the smart mirror and concept device at MWC and Oral-B saw five billion media impressions from the two events combined - the most coverage the brand has ever seen. During MWC, 85 interviews and VIP tours were held with media from 24 countries and Oral-B were awarded with a Best in Show from Tech Advisor. 

Oral B MWC Event Activation
Oral B MWC Event Activation
Happy Finish

Agency: MSL

Client: P&G - Oral-B

Client Director: Jerome Botbol

Executive Producer: James Harris

Assistant Producer: Sixtine Marion

Lead Developer: Diego Bonilla