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Tate Modern

360 film for Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition

A 360 VR journey inside Georgia O’Keeffe’s world

“Georgia O’Keeffe’s New Mexico in 360 has been Tate’s most viewed video of all time.” Sofie Roberts, Producer, Tate Digital.

Our challenge

Tate Modern contacted Happy Finish to create a unique 360ºVR film that transports viewers into the universe of the renowned trailblazer artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, to promote the exciting new Tate Modern exhibition.

Our approach

With the profound influence she had on other artists of the time, it was crucial for us to bring the film to life as accurately as possible. To achieve this, we flew to New Mexico to capture the landscape and environment that inspired O’Keeffe’s later works, using the most immersive medium: 360ºVR video.

In this film, we don’t only give context to her art including her home and studio in New Mexico, but also to how the area and its landscapes captured the spirit of this American modernist artist.

James Mossahebi, Director for the film, shot various locations in New Mexico, including around Ghost Ranch: “This film is an immersive approach to Georgia O’Keeffe’s work, the landmarks that inspired her as an artist. We fully immerse the viewers into O’Keeffe’s mind, submerging them into her world both visually and sonically by hearing her musings from a documentary interview from 1977.” James decided to edit this audio cut from an archived O’Keefe interview, rather than use curator audio, to narrow the distance between the viewer and the artist.

Like so many of our projects, our retouching, and interactive teams worked together to ensure that the look maintained its power and consistency throughout the whole film. Sophie Morrison, Happy Finish retouching artist, explains: “Adapting my retouching workflow to 360ºVR is a really exciting concept for me, this project gave me the chance to hone my skills and evolve as an artist by working directly with James and our Interactive team. With such close working environments throughout our teams, we can deliver high-quality projects like these much faster.”

The results

So far, the video has been a huge success, Sofie Roberts, Producer at Tate Digital, said: “Georgia O’Keeffe’s New Mexico in 360 has been Tate’s most viewed video of all time. On Facebook, the film is currently at: 3,400,425 views, 11,432 shares, and 34K likes. We’ve been really excited by its success and the potential of 360 to become a new platform for storytelling. The film has been used as a benchmark for Tate’s digital success for this year, and we’re looking forward to working with Happy Finish on forthcoming projects.”

Find more information about the exhibition here.


Client: Tate Modern
Creative Direction: Happy Finish – James Mossahebi
Shoot Producer: Happy Finish – Sam Adam
Location Manager: Chee Ho
360° Post Production: Happy Finish – James Mossahebi & Alaster Armitage
Retouching: Happy Finish – Sophie Morrison
Colourist: Happy Finish – Ned Al-Astrabadi
Composer: Gregory Madge

Happy Finish.