Happy Finish.

George at Asda

360 open house

Reaching 1 million views; why George at Asda & Fallon chose 360 video

The project

When George at ASDA launched their expanded range of furnishings in March 2016, as part of the campaign they held an open house furnished with their products, and invited the public and bloggers to stay in the house and comment on their furniture selection.

Working with Fallon, Happy Finish handled the 360 production and post production of 5 experience films in total throughout the house, amassing more than 1.3 million views. In one of the films, a boy’s bedroom in the George Home, received almost 1 million views in less than 6 weeks.

Our approach

Given the nature of the layout of the room, shooting in 360 allows for the viewer to engage with all the products within the room as an individual, allowing the viewer to explore the range in a new and exciting way. Impressed with their previous engagement rates on the 2015 Halloween 360 experience by Happy Finish, ASDA are leading the way in understanding how 360 virtual reality content builds an emotional connection between product and consumer.

When filming in 360 the ability to edit as you would a linear 2D film is very limited, so working with Hannah Maggs, a YouTuber who is experienced at delivering their narrative in a natural way, and in a single take was great, and the film was expertly directed by Danny Vaia at Punq.

When filming in 360 we always have to be wary of stitch lines, this was very important on this particular project where all the furnishings needed to be in the clearest possible detail, with no missing information or stitch lines, for example, on a wardrobe. We combatted this by using our world class retouchers to build beautiful stills of the background allowing our talent to move freely in the foreground.

Commenting on the project, Phil McCluney, Producer at Fallon said, “Happy Finish and Punq added value to the whole process and worked graciously and effectively on a short schedule. The end result looks great.”

Happy Finish.