Happy Finish.

Garage Magazine

360 fashion editorial spread

VR ‘Wormhole Wonderland’

Our challenge

 With “Wormhole Wonderland”, and following on from the success of our first 360° fashion editorial with Garage Magazine, acclaimed photographer and director Norbert Schoerner, production company Lalaland, and Happy Finish have collaborated once again to create a printed fashion editorial with an embedded 360° VR experience.

After downloading the Garage Magazine app to their mobile device, readers can interact with the 8-page visual feature to access the 360° experience. Pointing their smartphone, or tablet camera at the printed page, triggers the app. This in turn launches “Wormhole Wonderland”, a mystical, immersive 360° VR experience showcasing the Burberry February 2017 collection.

Our approach

Images and moving footage were captured on location at Stonehenge, and at Big Sky Studios, London. On location at Stonehenge, extras, dressed in white morphsuits acted as place-holders which were rotoscoped out and their silhouettes used to offer a porthole to see the models which were shot wearing the Burberry collection in studio for where the model would appear in the final video.

Speaking about the project, VR Creative & 360 DOP James Brown commented, “The shoot required several stages of planning to create a repository of different visual elements and effects. The sunrise shoot at Stonehenge presented a surreal backdrop, perfectly incongruous with the glitched appearance of the model.”

The results

Longtime collaborator, and digital artist Rainer Usselmann describes the project: “I loved Norbert’s concept of creating a story, which contained within it portals into other dimensions – in the physical sense, as well as metaphorically. With its pagan presence, the ancient stone circle at Stonehenge has served as a portal of sorts for millennia. What better setting for Norbert’s unfolding, multidimensional reverie? My job on this project was to help define the visual language of the story through grading, colouration, retouch, and glitch effects. By exploring the imaginary line which separates, what could be described as analogue and digital aesthetics, we tried to create a playful piece, one which operates on more than one level, without taking itself too seriously. In the process, we wanted to steer clear of traditional techniques of digital make-belief, and instead, have a go at the surface of the images in an almost mechanical manner, as if cut with a kitchen knife. The idea was to help capture a story of glitched realities, visually arresting, and gloriously irreverent.”


Photography & Film Direction: Norbert Schoerner
360 VR Production & Post-production: Happy Finish
VR Creative, 360 DOP, Editor: James Brown
VFX Supervisor: Davide Preite
Stills Grading & Digital Art: Rainer Usselmann
Production: Lalaland

Happy Finish.