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Best Friends retouch

Happy Finish brings Benji’s best friend, Ollie the Penguin, to life in these award-winning images

It’s not often that you get best friends that are this cool. Benji and Ollie (the penguin) are inseparable but surprisingly this friendship only existed in the imagination of photographer David Handley until he found the right pairing of talent after years of searching. That’s right, this wonderful pair have never met. It’s only through the magic of retouch that images of Ollie the penguin could be brought into the photography with Benji to make this friendship real.

“A project like this doesn’t come too often, so I jumped at the chance to work on it,” said our represented retouch artist, Vahakn Vorperian. “David shot the penguin with absolute perfection for the final images he had envisioned. This meant that the comps worked seamlessly so I could focus on getting the relationship and emotion of the images more solidified.”

This project became a perfect marriage of retouching skills and old school photographic printing mentality allowing the images speak for themselves. Vahakn went on to add, “David and I wanted people to, firstly, fall in love with this friendship and then wonder at how long it took to train a penguin to be so awesome! The integration of the Ollie was paramount followed by creating an overall grade that was sympathetic and had an almost nostalgic quality.”

The series has also been recognised in the following awards:

One Eyeland Awards – Silver Award Winner for People category
Exposure Award 2016 – Honourable Mention
LICC 2016 – Honourable Mention

Enfants Terribles Benji & Ollie retouch

Enfants Terribles Benji & Ollie retouch

Enfants Terribles Benji & Ollie retouch

Enfants Terribles Benji & Ollie retouch

Enfants Terribles Benji & Ollie retouch


Brand: Enfants Terrible magazine
Client / Photographer: David Handley
Retoucher: Vahakn Vorperian
Producer: Hannah Byers-Brown

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