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ENO’s ‘Jack The Ripper: The Women of Whitechapel’ 

Retouch Project

Dark & mysterious promo for the English National Opera’s latest production

Award-winning photographer Matt Davis and our represented retouch artist Vahakn Vorperian partnered on a series of haunting images for the English National Opera, promoting their new production ‘Jack The Ripper: The Women of Whitechapel’.

Davis captured three women facing away from the camera, developing a story of mystery and darkness to match the frightening times of the Victorian era.

Working with V was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. As a photographer who does most of my own retouching, I’m probably more critical than most. His retouching was some of the best technical work I’ve seen, made even better by a very proactive and patient manner.
Matt Davis, Photographer

Always a fan of project with a dark edge, Vahakn started by intensifying the shadows before bringing in subtle blue tones across the hair, adding depth and texture to the shots. There are two different versions of the final set of images – the English National Opera were keen to go for bluer shades for their production promo, but V and Matt experimented with mixing different colours for a multi-tonal effect, and released these as a personal project. 


Retouch: Vahakn Vorperian

Photographer: Matt Davis

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