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Ford ‘Reality Check’ VR

Interactive VR Experience for Ford

An educational VR Reality Check for newly qualified drivers

Objective: Create an interactive VR experience for Ford to be incorporated into their Driving Skills For Life training courses held around the globe.

The aim of the VR experience is to educate young and newly qualified drivers on the dangers of getting distracted behind the wheel, and to encourage the practice of safe driving in a new and innovative way.

“We are constantly looking at new technologies and Happy Finish keeps us at the forefront, with some thought provoking ideas and cutting edge concepts to provide our customers with powerful and memorable experiences.”
Emmanuel Lubrani, Ford

Our approach: Our creative concept centred around the viewer playing the protagonist in a VR experience – driving a car and picking up friends on the way to a party. The user needed to navigate the road whilst being distracted by a variety of the most common causes of crashes – including answering calls, taking selfies and turning to talk with friends. 

We incorporated CG graphics in order to gamify the experience and make it more relatable and appealing to the young target audience at the DSFL courses. Whilst it may look like a game, we made sure the experience was still hard-hitting – the dramatic conclusion of the narrative really hammers home the potentially fatal implications of not paying attention behind the wheel.

The experience was made for Google Daydream, which allowed for interactivity via the Clicker and also Gaze Tracking. By utilising this technology, we were able to add a decision-making element to the experience which added an extra level of engagement, as users’ actions directly influenced the narrative.

Results: ‘Reality Check’ has been rolled out globally across Ford’s Driving Skills For Life courses (you can see a sneak peek from the Mexico course below) and translated into 19 different languages to promote safe driving all over the world.

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Account Manager: Charly Levene

Producer: Julian Anderson

Developer: Diego Bonilla

Developer: Sebastien Kedra

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