Happy Finish.

Formula E

Season 3 campaign

Racing around the world with this amazing CGI & retouch work for Formula E

Happy Finish has worked on this fantastic CGI & retouch work for Formula E’s third season of racing. These incredible racing cars have travelled to Buenos Aires, New York, New Mexico, Monaco, Paris and Berlin.

The purpose of the campaign was to advertise each of the races happening in these cities with images showing the cars in the streets of the cities in which there were racing. The overall feel is a reportage style image which visually communicates the excitement of race day and also the proximity that the spectator will have to the cars racing their cities.

Key to the brief of the project was to show off the body of the cars; and this was achieved through the dramatic angle of the car and its placement within the city backgrounds.

The artists in charge of bringing these concepts to life were retoucher Stefano Cherubini and CGI artist Simon Nankivell. Stef and Simon worked in collaboration to develop the feel of the images and ensure that not only each shot is an amazing image but also that they work as a cohesive series.

Speaking on the project, Stefano said: ‘I feel these images are a beautiful way to illustrate the excitement and intimacy of Formula E. The fact that these races are coming to so many major cities is fantastic and the imagery communicates that by showing us a realistic, almost gritty depiction of these races where they happen, without over glorifying them and making the images look too polished and contrived. For example the images were all to be shown at dawn; a challenge when we didn’t want too many saturated and stylised colours. I think we have achieved the look that the client and art director set out to and strive for from the start and I for one am happy with the end result.’

Formula E retouch & CGI project

Formula E retouch & CGI project

Formula E retouch & CGI project


Client: Formula E
Agency: Prophet London
Production: Happy Finish – Frances Hood
CGI: Happy Finish – Simon Nankivell
Retoucher: Happy Finish – Stefano Cherubini


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