Happy Finish.


“Hooten and the Lady” retouch

Adrenaline-filled retouch and CGI for Sky drama

Happy Finish provided retouch and CGI services to create the key visual for Sky’s exciting show, Hooten and the Lady, an eight-part drama that follows the two adventurers as they travel around the world.

We were involved in this project right from the beginning, working in close collaboration with the photographer Mitch Jenkins and Sky’s creative team. Chris Roome led the retouching and Matt Painter the CGI. The talent was shot in a very dynamic angle; Happy Finish artists built the background, making the perspective work with a realistic look, pulling all the different elements together, and at the same time driving attention to Hooten (Michael Landes) and his partner in crime Lady Alexandra (Ophelia Lovibond). Its a good thing that at Happy Finish our retouching and CGI teams work hand in hand, making the workflow really smooth.

The CGI work involved adding different elements on the background such as the rock, river, and vegetation. Chris and Matt worked tightly together to make these items work within the given perspective and with a realistic look.




Client: Sky
CGI: Matt Painter
Retouch: Chris Roome
Production: Frances Hood
Photographer: Making Pictures – Mitch Jenkins

Happy Finish.