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Citan AR 

Augmented Reality Application

Bringing the new Mercedes Citan Van to life with AR

Objective: To create an innovative life-size augmented reality application for Mercedes to promote the launch of their brand new Citan van range at their event – where no physical vans would actually be present.

Our Approach:  We helped Mercedes stay ahead of the curve by combining the creative skills of our top automotive 3D artists with the cutting-edge minds of our app development team.  We created an AR app for use at the Mercedes event that allowed people to explore the Citan van and learn about the new features and customisations available, without the van actually being there.

Happy Finish have been absolutely brilliant throughout the whole process. It's been great working with an agency who sees our potential and who worked with us to deliver a truly engaging experience for our customers.
Lucy Reed, Communications Manager at Mercedes Benz

 The augmented app delivered a number of specialised features.  Firstly, users were able to customise their augmented Citan van, and could choose between different colour and wheel combinations.  Then, after scanning an intricately designed bitmap with an iPad, the app allowed users to see their unique Citan van replicated at full size in AR.  Users were able to move around the augmented van to explore every angle and move closer to see the fine details of the new model.

The combination of using the latest technology for applications and the in depth knowledge of Happy Finish’s automotive team really meant we could produce something new for Mercedes.  Our 3D team used CAD data to make sure every inch of the 360º augmented van was a completely accurate representation of the final product” explains our Account Director, Richard Tisdall.

Results:  The life-size augmented application allowed people to explore the van in the comfort of their own home and by using the configurator to change colours and features of their van were able to create a van to completely match their taste.  This had a beneficial effect on direct sales.

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Client: Mercedes

Account Director: Richard Tisdall


Happy Finish.