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New Look Christmas Campaign 2017

Retouch project for New Look’s #BeTogether Christmas Campaign 2017

Objective: Retouch a set of images for New Look’s #BeTogether Christmas Campaign 2017, shot by Ophelia Wynne.  As part of the campaign, New Look wanted their images to be displayed on London buses and required Happy Finish to composite the images for this purpose.  

Our Approach: Having worked with New Look for several years, our senior retouch artist Jackie Williams got to work on enhancing the images taken by Ophelia Wynne.  Ophelia is a well-known photographer specialising in social documentation who admits she is “constantly in search of honesty, personalities and stories” and therefore it was important for Jackie to reflect these themes when retouching the photographs.  

Happy Finish were easy to work with and they worked closely with my way of shooting and didn’t over-retouch the final images. Easy to talk to and very professional.
Ophelia Wynne, Photographer

Two more of our represented retouch artists, Mihaela Calin and Sophie Morrison were also involved in this project – Mihaela helped with the online images and Sophie was given the task of taking apart Jackie’s retouched images so that she would be able to create the 360° wrap image for the London buses.  

The key challenge that Sophie faced was that the images weren’t taken with the intention of compositing in post-production.  She worked around this by creating two separate Photoshop files, taking apart Jackie’s original images so that she could reposition each element to ensure that they weren’t warped in the final 360° image. She then flattened each file and stitched them back together so they aligned as a 360° image.    


A series of beautiful, warm and festive images for the New Look #BeTogether Christmas Campaign that were displayed across London on buses, online, in store and on Instagram, gathering thousands of likes.  

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New Look Bus Wrap


Account Manager: Richard Tisdall

Producers: Richard Wood and Sophie Noble

Photographer: Ophelia Wynne

Retouch Artists: Jackie Williams, Mihaela Calin and Sophie Morrison

Happy Finish.