Happy Finish.



Powerful Happy Finish’s retouch for Omega

As official sponsor of the 2017 Diamond League, Omega approached Happy Finish to help them design their promotional materials for this event. The brand wanted to create a unique image that will transmit the idea of speed, athletics and power.

Retouch artist Mihaela Calin and Omega’s Art Director Audric worked together on this project, going through several ideas and sketches until they came up with the final concept of including the light trails next to their watch.

Talking about the project, Mihaela comments: “We were delighted when Omega marketing team approached Happy Finish and asked us to create a promotional image for the 2017 Diamond League. Our experience with sports brands helped with this job as we were required to capture the essence of speed and power. This is the second time I worked with them and it has been an absolute pleasure.”

Omega watch retouch


Client: Omega
Art Director: Audric Dandres
Retoucher: Mihaela Callin
Producer: Frances Hood & Jerome Botbol

Happy Finish.