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 Girls. Girls. Girls. Magazine

Retouch Project

Bringing the glam back to women’s fashion magazines

Acclaimed fashion and beauty photographer Claire Rothstein has recently launched a new must-have fashion bible – Girls. Girls. Girls.  Prior to its release, Claire met our represented artist Jackie Williams and thought her retouch style would be a natural fit with the magazine’s glam-rock aesthetic.

Girls. Girls. Girls. celebrates women’s fashion and beauty, championing luxe glamour over the ‘less is more’ approach.  Throughout the project, Jackie worked off a moodboard packed with key themes to make sure the images upheld the strong female personality of the magazine.

Jackie contributed to three editorials for the first issue, including the cover story, ensuring that she stayed true to Claire’s raw photography. By subtly matching & evening out skin tones and deepening the colours, Jackie added a sense of allure to the shots whilst letting the makeup, fashion and hair do the talking.

The magazine brings back a time when women in fashion were all about the polish, the luxury and the total fantasy. It promises to bring back some much needed escapism from a far too real world, photographically speaking.
Claire Rothstein, Photographer and Founder of Girls. Girls. Girls.


Client: Girls. Girls. Girls. Magazine

Retouch Artist: Jackie Williams

Account Manager: Rebecca Skiffins

Photographer: Claire Rothstein

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