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Reuben Avenue

Retouch Project

Celestial retouch for luxury loungewear brand Reuben Avenue

After their recent Linda Farrow collaboration, our retouch artist Emma Jacob teamed up once again with photographer Haruki Horikawa on a project to promote the launch of new loungewear brand, Reuben Avenue.

Haruki briefed Emma to enhance the images in a way that gave a celestial, space-like feel – almost as if they were shot on another planet.  In order to differentiate each collection, Emma was able to approach the project in a fun and unusual way and played around with a few different colour grades on the images.  Some images were made to look hot and arid by enhancing the colour of the sky and brightening the silky loungewear. In contrast, other images are softened with beautiful pink and lilac tones and more depth has been added to others with an accentuated orange sunset, giving each collection a distinct look.

Together with some cool compositing of the moon into one of the shots, the images were given an otherworldly, magical feel.

Reuben Avenue retouch 3
Reuben Avenue retouch 2


Client: Reuben Avenue

Retouch Artist: Emma Jacob

Account Manager: Rebecca Skiffins

Producer: Frances Hood

Photographer: Haruki Horikawa

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