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Royal Ascot 2018 

Retouch, Animation and Parallax Project

A Photo Finish!

Objective: Deliver a spectacular retouch and parallax animation project for the biggest racing event of the season – Royal Ascot.   

Our Approach:  We were involved with this project from the starting gate after photographer Elisabeth Hoff – who has worked with our represented retoucher Chris Roome for many years – recommended him to the agency Antidote.  

This unique partnership enabled Chris, Elisabeth, Royal Ascot and Antidote to work together to create a vibrant and dynamic campaign that grabs the viewer’s attention, consisting of a series of enhanced still images and a subtle parallax animation for extended digital use. 


Royal Ascot

First up was the main campaign image. Elisabeth expertly captured the emotion and the eruptive atmosphere of Royal Ascot and together with the brilliant pre-production and creative planning from Antidote, Chris was able to break down the assets to be repurposed with a clear vision of what the final piece would look like – a real spectacle for the eyes.  

It was important for Chris to consistently retouch each asset in a way that enhanced the fresh, fashion-forward atmosphere of Royal Ascot by brightening the contrasting colours of the fashion, flowers and millinery. The widespread image is made up of numerous scenes, each reflecting a different aspect of race day – from extravagant headwear to afternoon tea, horse-watching, the coveted trophy and post-race celebrations.

Chris then broke down the 2D image to repurpose it in a 3D space using After Effects to add animation and create the parallax effect.  Parallax animations are a great way of injecting motion into a traditional stills campaign, and the additional sound design adds another dynamic layer. As Chris had already been involved in the composition and retouching process, he was armed with all the right resources and individual assets to create this spectacular parallax with intricate animations, capturing the crescendo of excitement at the final furlong as the horses race to the finish line.

Results: The stills campaign images have been featured all over the capital in the lead up to the event – in print, on Underground posters and even gracing the side of London cabs – whilst the parallax animation has been doing the rounds on digital billboards, online and across TV and VOD plus will be up on the big screens at Ascot itself on race day.


Client: Royal Ascot

Agency: Antidote

Retouch ArtistChris Roome

Photographer: Elisabeth Hoff

Production: Jerome Botbol

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