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We Carry The World Campaign

Samsonite retouch, CGI & animation

‘Who are the people who carry the world, and what do they carry?’ This is the concept behind Samsonite’s campaign to promote their suitcases; especially designed for enthusiasts who want to conquer the world.

For this, Samsonite asked Happy Finish to collaborate on the creation of a series of images and videos that would bring this concept to life. Each piece of work is dedicated to different people who stands out in their own professions, and showcases the things they pack in their luggage to improve and shape the world.

Retoucher Sef McCullough and CG designer Matt Painter were the artists behind this sophisticated work.

Samsonite campaign

Samsonite campaign

Samsonite campaign

Samsonite campaign


Brand: Samsonite
Retouch: Sef McCullough
CG: Matt Painter

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