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Skoda Fabia AR  

Augmented Reality Experience

Skoda Fabia AR At London Waterloo

Objective: Create an innovative AR experience to be hosted at Waterloo station that showcases the new Skoda Fabia and highlights the commercial potential of augmented reality.

Our Approach: We were brought on board as a CGI and Immersive Technology SWAT team to create this AR campaign for Skoda.  We put the consumer right inside the new Fabia in an oversized AR experience that ran on the largest digital screen in Europe.   

“We do things that other people would say no to. We took risks in how we used the technology and developed a solution which was robust enough to last an entire week with no issues”
Daniel Cheetham, Chief Interactive Officer

Commuters travelling through Waterloo station were invited to design their own Fabia from an iPad screen.  They had a choice of 14 colours, three concepts and five interiors giving them over 90 different variations to personalise their car.  This data was stored and users could take their seat in front of a green screen to take control of the linear Skoda commercial and actually put themselves live-on screen to experience their design, which built around them right before their eyes.

We delivered the entire experience in just one month. We also provided technical support every day, as the installation had to be taken down when the station closed and installed again before it reopened.

Skoda Fabia AR

Results:  More than 200 people a day designed their own Fabia car, and the stunt was featured in a variety of media, from marketing to automobile magazines, giving Skoda the coverage they were after for the Fabia launch. 

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Client: Skoda 

Executive Producer and Creative: Daniel Cheetham

Developer:  Andrea Melle

CGI: Chris Andrews

Creative Tech: James Brown


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