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                        VR Immersive Theatre Experience

Redefining the entertainment genre with SOMNAI, London’s hottest VR immersive theatre experience.

Objective: SOMNAI is a genre-defying immersive tech and theatre experience, combining virtual reality with a jaw-dropping set and unnerving actors to form a completely unique production. Entertainment company dotdotdot came to us to work on creative concepts, produce multiple VR and immersive tech experiences and partner with them to deliver this groundbreaking project.

dotdotdot’s intention was to make this the most talked about event of the year… so no pressure then. With an overarching narrative of lucid dreaming, our task was to create two different types of VR dream for patients to immerse themselves in at the SOMNAI sleep clinic.

SOMNAI is quite something - complex, challenging and hugely ambitious. Happy Finish have been integral to realising the vision and have been our partners from the get-go
Andrew McGuinness, Founder - dotdotdot

Our approach: Having worked hand-in-hand with dotdotdot to create a successful POC to secure investment for the project, we fine-tuned our creative ideas to develop finalised pieces of immersive content, centred around the themes of death and flying dreams.

Once we had established our creative concepts, we tested our ideas thoroughly to make sure our visions were able to come to life. Giant swings, makeshift graves and wind machines – you name it, Happy Finish HQ was tripping over it during testing period.

We worked with partners to incorporate various forms of cutting-edge tech to make our experiences as realistic as possible – motion platforms, 4D elements such as touch and immersive sound all played a vital part. For the VR content itself, we used Unity rather than rendering so that the viewer can move around naturally within the space. We also decided to go for a realistic-looking CG feel rather than going down a gamified route.


Results: SOMNAI opened in March 2018 to rave reviews, with media coverage in the Evening StandardSecret London and more, with the Huffington Post penning it as ‘the most anticipated event of the year’.

Connie Harrison, Creative Director at dotdotdot reveals it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride:

I’m not sure I’ve ever spoken so frequently and casually about death..! It’s been a weird and wonderful journey. One which will hopefully continue. This has never just been about goggle content – Happy Finish has always got what we’re trying to do and worked hard to integrate the content with our other multi-sensory elements. It’s been very challenging at times, but it’s certainly been fun and immersive!

You can book your appointment at the SOMNAI sleep clinic here.


Account Manager: Charly Levene

Exec Producer & Creative: Daniel Cheetham

Producer: Amy Tinker

Head of Technology: Marco Marchesi

Developer: Diego Bonilla

Developer: Sebastien Kedra

DOP & Creative: James Brown

DOP: Elliot Graves

VFX Supervisor: Davide Priete

VFX Compositor: Stefano Pasotti

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