Happy Finish.

Tate Britain

360 guided tour of the David Hockney exhibition

Explore Tate’s David Hockney exhibition in colourful, high-res 360

Continuing our record-breaking series of 360 videos created for the renowned Tate Modern, Tate has now released our third 360 project, exploring and revelling in David Hockney’s artwork in a new and different perspective than before.

Within the first 24 hours of its release on Facebook, the film received over 200 thousand views, and it now stands at over 2.3 million views.

In a departure from the far off locations of the Robert Rauschenberg and Georgia O’Keeffe videos, viewers are now invited to walk around the David Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain and to appreciate in detail some of Hockney’s masterpieces. The tour is guided by presenter Sara Cox and Tate curator Chris Stephens, who help the viewer immerse in the life of the artist and understand the inspiration behind his work.

Filmed with pioneering 360 technology, Happy Finish shot the scenes in the gallery with a high resolution Sony A7R II camera. The team shot in several different sections later stitching the footage together in post production. These plates were then stitched together to create the 360 shot of each scene, whilst maintaining the high level of detail of each piece of art.

Each scene is centred around the discussion of one of Hockney’s pieces of art in the gallery, and these still closeups allow the viewer to really see the details of each piece. The accurate capture of colour and detail was incredibly important to allowing the viewer to join Sarah and Chris in their observations of each piece, and to feel as though they are truly standing in the gallery.

“It was important to us to come up with a shooting method that captured the exhibition in the highest quality, and allowed the user both a sense of freedom to look around and also an opportunity to focus on what the curator wanted to highlight from particular pieces.” said Jamie Mossahebi, director of the project.

This 360 VR film offers viewers a unique experience of the David Hockney exhibition, regardless of their location, with the key advantage of enjoying the exhibition of one of Britain’s most well-respected artists in peace, without crowds, and with the one-on-one insight from Tate’s Lead Curator.


Client: Tate
Commissioner: Sofie Roberts, Tate Digital
Director: Jamie Mossahebi
360 DOP: Elliot Graves
Shoot Producer: Ed Scott Clarke
Scriptwriter: Henrietta Shirley
Post Supervisor: James Brown
VFX Supervisor: Davide Preite
Post Production: Happy Finish, Rafael Lino
Colour Grading: Happy Finish – Ned Al-Astrabadi

Happy Finish.