Happy Finish.

Ted Baker

Short film VFX

‘Wonders Never Cease’ in the short film for Ted Baker A/W 2015

Crowns & Owls’ short film collaboration with Ted Baker continued with the launch of their Autumn Winter 2015 collection, and Happy Finish were again pleased to be a part of the project with Talent Beauty by artist Will Yarrow.

Shot over 5 nights at London’s Natural History Museum, the film is a sumptuous visual tale of professional rivalry turning to romantic beginnings.

Competing in a game of archaeological one-upmanship, our leading lady and dapper gent rush to deliver an increasingly esoteric selection of objects to the museum curator in a bid to grab headlines from one another. As their latest rarities are delivered and an unexpected connection is established, a journey of wonder beings where imagination is unlimited and a gateway to a new beginning is unlocked.”


Production: White Lodge
Directors: Crown & Owls
Beauty: Will Yarrow
VFX: Happy Finish

Happy Finish.