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Three Mobile ‘Miniature Worlds’

Retouch, CGI & Cinemagraph Project

Creating miniature worlds for Three using CG and Retouching

Objective:  Create a bright and bold campaign for Three Mobile to promote their unlimited data package.

Our Approach:  In collaboration with agency Boys and Girls Ireland, our Retouch Artist Alexis Goodwin and CG Artist Simon Nankivell joined forces to combine their skills and create an epic creative campaign.  Both Simon and Alexis were involved from the beginning of the creative process, helping to construct the idea of three ‘miniature worlds’ within a mobile phone, each showing the possibilities of Three’s unlimited data service.

The three miniature worlds mimic a football match, a music concert and a swimming pool to reflect the unlimited sport streaming, music streaming and data abroad respectively.  

Three Miniature Worlds 2

Three Miniature Worlds 3

Three Miniature Worlds 1

The series was created using a combination of CG and stock photography.  Firstly, Simon created the mobile phones in CG as well as the water in the swimming miniature world and the crowd in the music concert world. Alexis could then get to work on applying the stock photography to Simon’s CG work as well as adding in the finer details. From changing the kits on the footballers to adding texture to the swimming pool tilings, every detail has been finely executed with immaculate precision.  

Alexis also created a cinemagraph of the swimming pool miniature world to add an extra touch of magic to the campaign.    

Results:  A vivid, double-take worthy series of miniature worlds within a mobile phone that shows the possibilities of Three’s unlimited data package in a unique, creative way.  The campaign was displayed online and in print.                  


Client: Three

Agency: Boys and Girls Ireland

CG Artist: Simon Nankivell

Retouch Artist: Alexis Goodwin

Account Manager: Rebecca Simkins

Producer: Richard Wood

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