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Our challenge

When presidential candidate Donald Trump first floated the Mexican wall idea, no one thought it had a chance of being built because not many people gave him a serious chance of being elected. After the shock election win, Happy Finish decided to build a 360° visualiser for the Trump wall. This will enable everyone to see how the wall will look now before $100b gets spent on it.

As Happy Finish CEO, Stuart Waplington, comments, “A lot of people thought it very unlikely that Donald Trump would become President-elect of The United States. Now the same people think it is equally unlikely he will build the wall, but we think it is time to stop doubting Mr. Trump and starting taking a look at what will get built, before it does.”

After all, this is a huge decision and Happy Finish’s Virtual & Augmented Reality technology is designed to help prevent mistakes when making large purchase or investment decisions. It is incredibly disappointing when buying something or having something built and the end result leaves you thinking ’Meh’! It’s something everyone has experienced, but whereas the majority of shopping or construction mistakes end up costing hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars at the most, the planned Mexican border wall could be one of the most costly mistakes ever made if it is not planned correctly.

Build That Wall configuration tool

Our approach

To create Build That Wall, we took some Google Street View screengrabs from a number of locations along the US-Mexico border, created a 360° wall configurator that rendered a real-time CG wall of the user’s bespoke configuration over the 360° images. This configurator then pulled in cost projections from an MIT article for each design element of the wall.

On arriving at Build That Wall, users can choose a location along to border and see it on screen in full 360° view. They can then design their own version of the wall along the border and see how each element of their design will affect the final costs: Should it be constructed from reinforced steel or even yorkstone? Should it be 30ft or 70ft tall? You can even add your own artwork or graffiti, but most importantly the user sees how quickly the costs rise.

Build That Wall configuration tool

The results

To Trump voters, this is also a good opportunity for them to go ahead see what they voted for and bask in the glory of the structure that persuaded them to back Donald Trump. As Stuart Waplington comments, “Should the worst happen and the wall doesn’t get built, we are planning to distribute VR Cardboard ‘Make Walls Great Again’ headsets to allow people to experience it virtually…it’s the next best thing.”

Following the website’s launch in December 2016, Happy Finish has:

  • Been interviewed about the project by BBC World Service radio, BBC Arabic and Sirius XM’s POTUS show in the States.

  • Featured on MIT Technology Review’s Facebook and Twitter channels, which have a combined reach of 1.8 million users.

  • Shared on Facebook over 1.8 thousand times, reacted to over 2.3 thousand times.

  • Thousands of user-generated, customised images of users’ versions of the wall (see some below).

Have fun with it until it gets hacked by the Russians!

Happy Finish.