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Unicef ‘Early Moments Matter’ 360° VR

VR Experience for Unicef

VR for good – an educational and emotive 360° VR experience for Unicef

Objective: Produce a heartwarming and impactful 360° film for Unicef as part of their ‘Early Moments Matter’ campaign to demonstrate how important the first 1000 days of a child’s life are in terms of shaping their development.

Our approach: We shot premium 360° footage across multiple locations to create a relatable VR experience that appealed to viewers from a range of backgrounds. We followed a child on the first 1000 days of life, focussing on the love and care from their parents and how this impacts their neurological development. We utilised the full 360° range of the film to rotate and watch the child get older in each quadrant, tying in nicely with the idea of growth over the time period.

Unicef were keen to include relevant statistics and information within the experience in order to really hammer home their message. We incorporated CG graphics into the 360° film to help the viewer visualise the neurological development of the child and easily digest the complex information.

Results: The 360° film premiered at the UN General Assembly in 2017 and got a great reception. We’ve since translated the experience into Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and French so it can be distributed and enjoyed all throughout the world.

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Account Manager: Charly Levene

Creative Director: Lydia Beesley

Producer: Amy Tinker

360° Capture: Elliot Graves

VFX Supervisor: Davide Preite

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