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Virgin Media

 ‘Unleash Your Business’ retouch

Unleashing Virgin Media Business with this powerful retouch

Virgin Media Business’s VOOM tour 2017, a festival of business with a twist of rock n’ roll, is firmly underway! To promote the launch of their tour, packed with workshops, seminars and one-to-one mentoring sessions across the UK and Ireland, Virgin Media Business released their latest VOOM campaign, named Unleash Your Business, with images spread far and wide around London.

Happy Finish was delighted to work with Virgin Media Business once again on images for the VOOM tour, and retouch artist Stefano Cherubini worked on these portraits, featuring Sir Richard Branson himself and other business entrepreneurs leaping forward, adding red neon lights shooting out of their chests unleashing the power of #VOOM.




Virgin Media Business VOOM campaign retouch

Speaking on the project, Stefano said: ‘It was a fantastic set of images to work on and a pleasure to be involved in the process. These shots required a deft touch to really sell them in as being absolutely believable and tangible. The models including Richard Branson were all shot in studio environments without neons and we added in the neon lights in post production. So the challenge was very much integrating these two to combine into an effortless and seamless image. I like to think we ended up with an iconic and beautiful campaign helped along by the retouching’.

The campaign had a wide-reaching launch, appearing across London in early May, appearing on the sides of buses, bus shelters and on digital signage on the tube and at major transport spots like London Victoria and Waterloo stations.

The VOOM Tour 2017 runs across various locations in the UK and Ireland until December.


Client: Virgin Media Business
Retouch artist: Stefano Cherubini
Photographer: Dean Chalkley

Happy Finish.