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Vogue Arabia February ’18

Retouch Project

Opulent Russian-inspired retouch project for Vogue Arabia


Objective: Retouch a series of images for the February ’18 issue of Vogue Arabia. The editorial, “The Hermitage Look”, was the first ever fashion editorial shot in The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. Photographer Luis Monteiro therefore wanted to ensure that our retouch artist, Rob Dewey, retouched the images in a way that reflected the grandeur of the architecture.

Our Approach: Rob decided on a triple threat approach of light correction, colour balance and colour grading when it came to the retouching process. The ornate, regal colours of the baroque interior were adjusted to intensify the reds and golds of the pillars and staircases.  By bringing out the colour detail of the model’s clothes and makeup, Rob was able to add to the majestic story.


It was important for me to do some research into the Late Baroque era to ensure I could add a grade that preserved the palatial architecture.
Rob Dewey, Retouch Artist

It was important for Rob to grade the images in a way that brought drama, maximising the impact of the striking architecture and fashion whilst preserving Luis Monteiro’s photography style. The pastel backgrounds needed a cooler grade to increase colour contrast between the backdrop and the clothing.   

Results:  A stunning set of regal images for the February edition of Vogue India that accentuate the impressive and opulent Russian architecture and fashion of the Rococo era.


Client: Vogue Arabia

Account Manager: Ian Clarke

Photographer: Luis Monteiro

Retouch Artist: Rob Dewey


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